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    Your global supplier for materials

    About Us

    Goodfellow Cambridge Ltd.

    Goodfellow was established in the City of London in 1946. The Company now has associate operations in France, Germany, America and China. The Group's research laboratories, production and workshop facilities, and central administration are located in Huntingdon, England.

    Goodfellow Corporation

    Established in 1989 at the same time as its associate company in Germany, Goodfellow Corporation was set up to service the requirements of our American customers.

    Goodfellow SARL

    Goodfellow established an operation in France in 1993 to meet the needs of our French-speaking customers in Europe.

    Goodfellow GmbH

    This member of the Goodfellow group of companies has been serving the needs of our German-speaking customers within Europe since it was opened in 1989.

    Goodfellow Shanghai Office

    This office was opened in 2006 to service the research and specialist manufacturing requirements of  the Chinese market.

    Ceramics and Glass Division

    Our Ceramics and Glass Division was formed after the acquisition of Technical Glass Cambridge Limited in 2008. Through this division, we are able to offer finished components to customer drawings and specifications in specialist glass and ceramics. Please visit their dedicated website for further details of their products and services.