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    Product Summary of Stainless Steel

    A group of iron alloys with exceptional corrosion resistance. This is due to the addition of chromium, which segregates to the surface and forms a very stable chromium rich oxide layer. It is this chromium oxide layer that gives stainless steel its superb corrosion resistance and arguably its very name ‘stainless’.

    Characteristics of Stainless Steel include:

    • Corrosion resistant
    • High strength

    Forms and Availability of Stainless Steel

    Please find below a list of our standard stock dimensions. Of course, we are very often able to supply alternative dimensions.

    Granules - 99.99% Purity

    Diameter: 3 - 10mm

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    Foil In Coil - 99.99% Purity

    Thickness Coil Width
    0.025mm 100mm
    0.050mm 150mm
    0.125mm 100mm
    0.125mm 150mm
    0.25mm 150mm
    0.50mm 150mm


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    Diameter: 5 - 50mm

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    Thickness: 1 - 6mm

    Width: 300mm

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    Diameter: 0.25 - 2mm

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