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    Product Summary of Silver

    Not just a decorative material but a very important electrically conductive metal, which also has inherent anti-microbial properties. Increasingly silver ions are being implanted in various other materials to impart anti-bacterial properties.

    Characteristics of Silver include:

    • Soft malleable and easy to shape
    • Antimicrobial properties

    Forms and Availability of Silver

    Please find below a list of our standard stock dimensions. Of course, we are very often able to supply alternative dimensions.

    Granules - 99.99% Purity

    Diameter: 3 - 10mm

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    Foil In Coil - 99.99% Purity

    Thickness Coil Width
    0.025mm 100mm
    0.050mm 150mm
    0.125mm 100mm
    0.125mm 150mm
    0.25mm 150mm
    0.50mm 150mm


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    Diameter: 5 - 50mm

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    Thickness: 1 - 6mm

    Width: 300mm

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    Diameter: 0.25 - 2mm

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