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    Product Summary of TPX?Products

    TPX® Polymethylpentene (PMP)

    As a result of a recent agreement between Goodfellow and Mitsui & Co. Europe Plc to act as a non-exclusive distributor of TPX®, Goodfellow is now able to meet the large quantity requirements of both research and industrial applications for all grades of this material.

    Both Mitsui and Goodfellow consider that one significant benefit of this arrangement is that it will provide the opportunity to reassess the applications of TPX®, with the possibility that this unique material could be introduced into new and innovative applications.

    TPX®, a 4-methylpentene-1 based polyolefin manufactured solely by Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. is now available in small order lots from Goodfellow. This lightweight, functional polymer displays a unique combination of physical properties and characteristics due to its distinctive molecular structure. Like polyolefines TPX® shows excellent chemical resistance, which is better than that of polycarbonate and acrylic.

    • High heat resistance (melt temperature 236°C).
    • Lowest specific gravity of any known polymer (0.833 g/cc).
    • Superior steam sterilisation capabilities due to very little or almost no moisture absorption.
    • Superior transparency to visible light.
    • Excellent UV transmission characteristics.
    • Lower refractive index than other transparent resins.
    • Excellent acoustic properties.
    • Excellent chemical resistance.
    • High gas and moisture permeability.
    • Outstanding dielectric properties.

    To find out more about TPX® properties, applications and processing conditions email us at tpx@goodfellow.com.

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