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    Bridging the Gap with Green Graphene

    Special feature: Nixene Publishing interview with Goodfellow’s Technical Manager, Dr. Aphrodite Tomou

    For its March 2021 edition, Nixene Publishing’s special feature is an interview with Goodfellow’s own Dr. Aphrodite Tomou. The piece by Debbie Nelson sets out to explore what Dr. Tomou has been working on and how she is trying to bridge the gap between lab research and commercialisation, which is often nicknamed as the “valley of death” by those in the know.

    Dr. Tomou introduced Green Graphene to Goodfellow, and together, they believe that the material will gain traction and be used in future biomedical applications, drug-delivery systems and much more. Dr. Tomou is very much on the cutting edge of innovation, sourcing promising new Graphene products and bringing them to the attention of Goodfellow, who are known for offering a solid bridge between lab and market.

    Download the PDF to read the full article.

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